Powder effect is the newest and trendiest “makeup-look” technique recommended for individuals with oily skin ( traditional Microblading works better on normal and dry skin individuals). The results are longer lasting and more trendy.

• Ideal for Oily and all skin types

• Can be both soft or bold based on preference

• Makeup-look 

• Long lasting

• Trending technique


We only use the highest quality of cruelty-free/vegan pigments as well as disposable sterile tools. Results last up to three years depending on skin type and lifestyle.

• Natural realistic results

• Ideal for Normal/Dry skin

• NOT Ideal for Extremely Oily Thick Skin with large pores

• NOT ideal for very sparse brows

Combo Brows

For individuals with very sparse hair and oily skin that desire the look of very full and intense brows, we sometimes recommend a combination brow approach. This technique combines both the traditional Hairstroke Microblading with the Powder Effect technique to increase the intensity of the brows as well as retention of color. Oily skin tend to fade much faster therefore the Powder Effect along with Microblading adds an extra layer of protection for longer color retention.

• Ultra hyper-realistic recreation of lost eyebrows

• Combination of Microblading + Powder

• Ideal for all skin type

• Ideal for very oily skin type with large pores

• Ideal for extremely sparse eyebrows

• Ideal for mature skin

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